Celebrating Black History Month



C2i exists to support a critically underserved population of older youth in foster care. We provide unique programming and advocacy for youth ages 14 - 24 to ensure a healthy transition to independent living. Creating lasting, supportive relationships with our youth while ensuring a healthy mind, body, and spirit is the core of our work! Our values are based on a holistic philosophy, offering direct support with financial literacy, housing, employment, education, and personal wellness.

Minnesota Charities

Cookie Cart provides lasting and meaningful work, life and leadership skills to teens ages 15 to 18 through employment and training in urban nonprofit bakeries. Cookie Cart is the Twin Cities’ leader in youth social enterprise. Our bakeries are classrooms where teens learn and build real world skills essential to successful futures. Teens engage in workshops to promote career and leadership development. And we do this while operating two bakeries that make cookies with real, quality ingredients!

The Power of People Leadership Institute, co- founded by, Dr. Verna Cornelia and Brother Shane Price, inspires, informs and mentors youth and adults to overcome life’s obstacles through personal development, personal power and leadership. The institute consists of three programs, Girls Taking Action, mentoring program for girls grades 6-12, Boys of Hope Program™, mentoring program for boys grades 6-12 and Re-Planting Program™, works to reduce recidivism, particularly for African Americans. 

Twin Cities R!SE transforms lives through personal empowerment, career training, and meaningful employment. We offer a unique, holistic approach to help people overcome barriers, instill self-confidence, and gain the 21st century skills needed to achieve employment and financial independence. For employers, we provide skilled, dependable, and capable workers who are willing to work hard and are eager to succeed.

National Charity

The National Urban League is a historic civil rights organization dedicated to economic empowerment in order to elevate the standard of living in historically underserved urban communities. 



Charity Fair

February 1st at 12:00pm (Central Standard Time)

Virtual Event

Join us for a virtual opportunity to meet the four charities we are supporting this month.  You can learn about their important work, their programs & services as well as any volunteer needs they have.  This is a 60-minute Zoom session ending with a Q&A session to ask any questions that you may have.  If you haven't received an invitation already, click here to register.


Virtual Volunteer Activities

30-60 Minute Informational Interview with an African American Youth

This is a great opportunity for African American youth to learn about what your job entails, your career path and any requirements needed for your job/profession.  If you are interested in volunteering an hour of your time to help a young person in our community, please complete this form and provide your availability.


Mock Interview with African-American Job Seekers

Volunteers (individuals or teams) are able to provide real-time interview experience and invaluable feedback to program participants on their job search journey. Mock interviews are an integral part of the Twin Cities R!se Road to Success career training program. If you are interested in volunteering an hour of your time to help a young person in our community, please complete this form and provide your availability.



Fundraising Activities



Please come back to see what we are doing to engage with each other to raise money for these important nonprofits.


Informational Webinars

African American Youth in the Foster System - Youth Panel Discussion

Feb. 3rd


Central Time


Every person's foster care experience is different. This session offers a unique and eye-opening opportunity to hear lived experience from young adults who have been in foster care as a teen. Meet a few youth from Connections to Independence and learn a bit about the barriers, challenges, and opportunities they've faced as they've grown up and transitioned to adulthood. This will be a facilitated panel, with a short question and answer section at the end.

Youth Presentation: Leadership, Exploring Different Leadership Strengths & Types

Feb. 10th


Central Time


Youth leaders will facilitate. They will give an overview of Cookie Cart's Leadership curriculum, walk through the different types of Leaders and different strengths leaders have. They will walk participants through a leadership activity that helps participants learn their leadership style and their conflict style. Then they will close with a reflection.

-Introductions and Check-in question
-Overview of Cookie Cart's Leadership
-Explore the Different Types of Leaders
-Explore the Different Types of Leadership Strengths 
-Leadership Activity: What type of leader are you? Relationship Builder, Spontaneous Motivator, Architect and Analyst, Driver
-Share and Reflect

Emotional Intelligence 101 and It’s Impact on African Americans

Feb 17th


Central Time


Our Empowerment Institute helps companies and organizations create an empowered culture. In this webinar, we'll discuss the role that emotional intelligence plays in all of our lives, professional and personal.

You'll learn:
What emotional intelligence is.
The four building blocks of emotional intelligence.
How you can increase your emotional intelligence.
What impact emotional intelligence has on African-Americans specifically.

Racism & Bias as it Relates to African Americans

Feb 24th


Central Time


What You Will Learn:

- The difference between Dismantling Racism and Equity & Diversity in the Workplace

- Diversity and Racism (terms that every person should be familiar with)

- Stories from my Journey as a Social Justice Activist

- How to be Actively Involved – Levels of Engagement


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