Impact at Work offers employers an innovative approach to engaging employees by giving them a voice relating to the company’s philanthropy strategy while supporting its diversity. 


Minneapolis, Minnesota / April 3, 2019 Impact at Work’s program offers Minnesota companies the opportunity to cultivate employee loyalty, engage their workforce and celebrate diversity.  They create a custom philanthropic strategy by focusing on key business initiatives (specifically diversity, inclusion and engagement) while embracing employee values and inviting employee participation.


The strategy, whether one-time or multi-year, involves turn-key charity campaigns related primarily to awareness months throughout the year (i.e. Autism Awareness, Pride Month).  Each campaign showcases a “cause” and represents up to four local charities. Employers select campaigns which support causes that are important to their employees and reflective of the company’s social responsibility and diversity programs.  Impact at Work is not just fundraising.  Each campaign is packaged to feature an onsite charity event, speed volunteering and education via cause-based webinars throughout the month.  The webinars are presented by subject matter experts for both employees and leadership. 


A differentiator of Impact at Work is their focus on diversity.  “A key initiative for us is to give diversity leaders an easy opportunity to support their employee resource groups. This year we feature four minority-featured campaigns and more are planned for 2020”, states Jenna Berneck, Founder and CEO.


This approach redefines how companies connect with their employees.  Gallup reports employee engagement at an all-time low (13% of workforce) and the Department of Labor reports more jobs than people.  “This is a serious concern for all companies”, says Berneck.  “Low engagement risks high turnover.  By giving employees a voice, employees are more likely to participate in company activities.  By aligning with their values, employees are more loyal and candidates are more impressed, especially Millennials”.  By involving employees about causes they care about, the Impact at Work social media approach allows employees to share the company’s commitment to the community virally.


It also redefines how companies approach philanthropy.  Legacy employee giving programs are traditionally decided upon by management and limited to who and when they give (1-2 weeks a year).  And while giving technology platforms can automate a giving program, they lack personal relationships with local nonprofits and miss the enormous opportunity to engage with employees.  “Not that Impact at Work would need to replace current programs, it is designed to be flexible and can complement existing philanthropy”, says Berneck


To announce their launch, Impact at Work is hosting a launch event on April 18th at YouthLink, a partner charity in Minneapolis.  The event will allow guests to meet partner charities and learn more about the program.  Media and prospective clients can get more details at



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