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Virtual Volunteering

Charity:  Fraser

The state of in-person volunteer programs at Fraser is unknown right now, but the one thing we do know is that your time and passion is invaluable to us. If you want to connect with Fraser during this time, you can help in the following ways:

• Sewing masks for our Community Living residents, clinical staff and clients
• Creating cards and crafts to help our Community Living residents combat isolation
• Becoming a Phone Pal and calling residents to check in on them and brighten their day
• Donate your favorite movies, games, puzzles, or craft supplies to our residents as they
continue to social distance

Contact:  Claire.Sandahl@fraser.org

Charity:  Aeon

Send a joyful message to Aeon’s residents!  Individuals or groups can create cards with various messages to uplift our residents-seniors,  families with children, and individuals with high needs that are living in isolation during this time of COVID-19. Many of our residents have limited connections with friends or families right now. Some do not have any social supports except our staff on site.  Receiving personalized cards showing that our community cares and that we are thinking of them would be inspiring, motivating and heart-warming. Simple messages of “Have a great day!” or positive quotes.  Notes could be jotted on notecards, or plain pieces of paper. They don’t need to be fancy! Employees with families that are looking for activities or volunteer activities for their kids, could create artwork and cards that would be especially valued by the seniors.

Contact:  Tweisenburger@aeon.org

Charity: The Firefly Sisterhood

Could you help us continue our work? Illuminight is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and with the Covid 19 crisis, our ability to find donors and sponsors is limited. The money raised at this event, funds all of our free peer mentoring program for women experiencing breast cancer. Please help us with a donation, a sponsorship, or a gift card to a restaurant for our silent auction. You will be helping out the restaurant too.

The stress of dealing with breast cancer is hard, even when our community is functioning. We know we cannot stop answering requests for our peer mentoring program serving women with breast cancer.

With social isolation, a new normal in our community, we need to make sure of Firefly Sisterhood is "open" and available for any woman who finds themselves diagnosed with breast cancer and going through treatment during this scary time.

Breast Cancer patients need to know; you are NOT alone.

Contact:  Kris Newcomer at kris@fireflysisterhood.org

Charity:  Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program

We need volunteers to do laundry, mainly towels and blankets. The volunteer could pick up the laundry (staff would bring it outside to them), and deliver it back to us clean.

Contact: Anna Kucera  at anna@mnsnap.org

Charity:  Breaking Free

We need people to do food drives, provide us with cash for bus tokens, birth certificates, ID's, gas cards. We need diapers, baby formula, wipes as we have 55 families at the minimum. We also have about 250 people that are NOT in housing that also need services.

Contact:  Aliyah Carter at ACarter@breakingfree.net

Charity: Crescent Cove

Our Home is in need of paper towels, toilet paper and Clorox wipes. Items can be shipped to our Respite & Hospice Home for Kids at 4201 58th Ave N, Brooklyn Center, MN 55429.

Contact Katy Glitsos at katy.glitsos@crescentcove.org

Charity:  Ampersand Families

Families who adopted teens out of foster care are stretched under the best of circumstances. The current situation has made it hard to get their kids the support they need. The uncertainty everywhere in the community can trigger past trauma and many of our youth need extra help right now to stay regulated and safe. You can help families maintain routine and mental health right now by providing a meal delivered to their home. Ampersand Families is accepting gift cards for restaurants and/or delivery services like Door Dash or Uber Eats. This may not sound like a super urgent need, but trust us...this will help youth who have been deeply hurt keep their footings just a little bit during this time.

Contact:  Michelle Chalmers at michelle@ampersandfamilies.org

Charity:  Dress for Success Twin Cities

Remote Outreach Caller: check-in on past clients and follow questions provided in form

Remote Check in Caller: check-in on current clients and follow questions provided in form

Remote Intake Caller: call client who was recently referred to the organization, go through questions on form to complete intake

Contact:  Megan Meuli

Charity:  People Incorporated

Our nonprofit needs 300 face masks to protect staff working in our mental health crisis programs and residential programs.

Contact:  Rachel Hickok at rachel.hickok@peopleincorporated.org


In-person Volunteering

Charity:  Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program

We need volunteers to do laundry, mainly towels and blankets. The laundry could be done at our clinic in North Minneapolis.

Contact: Anna Kucera  at anna@mnsnap.org

Support These Local Charities

Charity:  Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program

During this crisis, we're committed to paying our hourly staff emergency sick days.

Charity:  Breaking Free

During this crisis, we need supplies such as: diapers, formula, toilet paper, bleach, non-perishable food, mouth masks, plastic gloves, paper towels.

Charity:  Crescent Cove

Our Crescent Cove Respite & Hospice Home for Kids remains open to providing much-needed respite care for families in need of additional help and is open as a sacred place for families for end-of-life care. We remain operating as close to normal as possible, but without external visitors and activities, but we are keeping the joy alive and Making Moments Count for Kids & Families each day! Monetary donations are critical to us being open and continuing to serve more kids.

Charity: Casa de Esperanza

During this crisis, our nonprofit is dealing with an increase in frantic requests from our community participants (clients) who are dealing with trying to pay rent going into future months given their work or family situations and may have to cover their own rents and other critical expenses. We are doing everything we can do to cover what we can but need additional support given that many of our participants may not qualify for other supports. We are also trying to bring in supplies for our shelter as so many people have bought our critical supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, hand soap, sanitizing and clorox wipes, etc.

Charity:  Hearts & Hammers

During this crisis, our nonprofit is in great need of support to keep our doors open; as we are practicing social distancing, we are not able to offer volunteer events in the community, which is our primary revenue source at this time. There will be a great need for our services once the economy bounces back, and people have lost vast potentials of their savings.

Charity:  OutFront Minnesota Community Services

During this crisis, we are providing critical support to LGBTQ+ community members who are particularly at risk from COVID-19. We will assist hundreds of clients with financial support, mental health services, and access to food and other essentials.  Our nonprofit is organizing a virtual LGBTQ+ Youth Summit to support young people who are at risk for severe mental health issues caused by isolation. We will bring together more than 300 young people for youth-led online workshops and leadership development and connect them with resources and services to support them throughout the pandemic.

Charity:  JustUs Health

As we work with folks with suppressed immune systems, many of our clients are unable to work during this scary time. For most, this means lost paychecks. To provide them with emergency rent, food, and utility assistance, we need the community's help.   At the same time, our mental health clinic is facing an increased demand for teletherapy for folks who are experiencing increased anxiety and depression. Our benefits counselors are working hard to enroll the newly unemployed in to health insurance programs. And our transportation services must now provide private rides for folks to get to the grocery story and pharmacy as public transportation is far too risky.   None of this could have been predicted and our resources are being stretched thin. While we know that everyone is facing an uncertain time, we ask that if you can give, you consider a gift to help our clients.

Charity:  WellShare International

Our rapid response strategy to mitigate COVID-19 spread has shifted quickly from Phase I: Community-based Outreach, to Phase 2: Social/Mass Media and Mobile Texting. These strategies reach more people and ensure the safety of staff and community in the process, but also require more initial investments to prepare. The focus is on the people in the communities we live in and have provided direct in-person service to for two decades, but the media strategy also allows us to reach well beyond.   We are still in great need of your support for a rapid response for coronavirus prevention messaging and outreach. A donation from you could go a long way to stemming the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.

Charity:  Washburn Center for Children

During this crisis, our nonprofit is focused on continuity and access to critical mental health care for children and families. In response to the Coronavirus, Washburn Center is making a significant investment and expansion of teletherapy to ensure the wellbeing of the families we serve.  Our families are experiencing heightened anxiety because of the pandemic—and they are experiencing increased isolation which prevents them from receiving face-to-face therapeutic support. They arguably need Washburn Center's services even more now — and telehealth is the best option to support them. We are committed to serving families through teletherapy even though insurance coverage for teletherapy is limited.  Our hope is that you, our charitable partners, will invest in these start-up costs to help ensure families are getting the support they need.

Charity:   Ronald McDonald House Charities, Upper Midwest

During this crisis, our nonprofit has paused our 10,000 person volunteer program and for the time being, are not able to benefit from the commitment and generosity of Cooks for Kids volunteer groups who serve 36 meals across our Twin Cities locations every week. In addition, we are unable to accommodate individual volunteers who assist our site managers by preparing guest rooms, performing cleaning and maintenance tasks, etc. We have also paused our 2 sites in St. Paul, affecting 8 out of our 71 guest rooms, while continuing our programs at RMH-Oak St. near the U of MN and inside Children's on Chicago Ave.  Despite the lack of volunteers, we are continuing to serve meals and provide essentials to families dealing with a child's health crisis. Kids can get sick anytime, and the pandemic has only added to their family's stress levels. The community can support families with hospitalized children by making a financial or in-kind donation.

Charity:  RECLAIM!

In this crisis, our nonprofit is primarily looking for financial assistance. We've lost significant insurance revenue in the quick move from in-person therapy to providing all of our services via telehealth.


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