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Our company has created a walk/run fundraising team to celebrate____.  

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Invoicing Options   

Please choose how RBC Wealth Management wants to be invoiced.  The $150 team fee includes your corporate campaign site, your team captain's entry fee, social media and fundraising site templates.

  • 1 - Initial invoice of $150 and each employee pays their own entry fee.

  • 2 - Initial invoice of $150 and the company gets one promo code for team members to join.  After the event, a second invoice is issued for anyone (employees, family & friends) who used the promo code.

  • 3 - Initial invoice of $150 and the company gets a group of unique promo codes.  After the event, a second invoice is issued for those who used any of the unique promo codes.

Number of Teams  

Employees tend to have more fun when competition is involved.  This can be created by forming multiple teams with the purpose of competing (who can raise more money).


Team Captain(s) Info  

We need the name, email and cell phone number for each team's captain.  The cell phone is for event day use (if needed).


Team Name(s)  

To include on the corporate information site for others to join or donate.


Your Company Logo  

We will use your logo on the corporate information site & social media postings.

Company Match  

Let us know if you plan to match any funds raised from this event.

Team Fundraising Goal  

This will be used to motivate team members and donors.


Date/Location Options   

Please provide all that apply.

  • 1 - On event date at event location.

  • 2 - On group determined date at group determined location.

  • 3 - On team member determined date at team member determined location.


Social Media Hashtag 

Provide a hashtag for social media tags.  An example is _________


This is a lot of information!  If you can, send items as you have them so we can start working on your campaign.  The sooner, the better.  If you have any questions, please let me know if we can always hop on a call if you would like.