Philanthropy  Impact at Work hosts "Packaged Philanthropy" programs at Minnesota companies.  This month-long program provides a turn-key approach to engaging employees while supporting local nonprofits.



  • get easy programs that engage employees

  • choose from a variety of causes to support


  • engage in charity fairs and volunteer activities

  • attend online sessions to learn about various causes important to them and their families

  • learn about free programs & services available in our community

Diversity   Impact at Work provides a variety of online sessions presented by subject matter experts working hands-on in their field.  These sessions encourage employee involvement by providing a safe place to discuss sensitive topics with the option to ask anonymous questions.

Jenna Berneck, CEO


Jenna spent most of her career selling HR technology to enterprise sized organizations.  Twenty years ago, she realized her passion for raising money in creative ways and has since personally raised over $100,000 for causes she is passionate about.  After running her own start-up in Chicago and the Twin Cities, she joined the nonprofit sector and ran the Minnesota office for Community Health Charities; this organization raised money for 40 local health-related nonprofits via employee giving campaigns.  It was in this role that Jenna continually heard the need for strategy as it relates to workplace philanthropy.  She also realized the growing need for interactive events to bring corporate employees together with nonprofits serving their community.  These needs, along with the discovery of how underutilized nonprofit programs are, encouraged her to start Impact at Work.  This firm crafts custom philanthropic strategies for companies wanting to support their employees and the communities they live in.




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