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Behavioral Health Campaign 

Suggested Months for this Campaign:

  • January: Mental Wellness Month

  • May: Mental Health Awareness Month

  • September: Suicide Prevention Month

  • October: Emotional Wellness Mont



May is National

Mental Health Awareness Month



Mental Health Resources(MHR) is a progressive, nonprofit organization providing community-based mental health and substance use services to adults recovering from serious mental illness and/or substance use issues. MHR has over 40 years of expertise providing compassionate care to people living with mental illness. Those we serve often come to us in times of great need and face extraordinary challenges. Our comprehensive services allow us to work with people on their individual needs.

People Incorporated was established in 1969 as an innovative provider of vital behavioral and mental health services in Minnesota. We are a one-stop model of behavioral health care with 65 programs in 40 locations throughout the Twin Cities. We provide dozens of integrated services including homeless outreach, substance use disorder treatment programs, outpatient treatment, residential programs, children’s services, mental health trainings, and more.

As Minnesota's children's mental health leader, Washburn Center for Children serves more than 3,900 children and their 11,700 family members annually. More than 65% of children and families served are from families with low incomes. Early childhood, school age and adolescent services are provided in clinics, 24 public schools and families' homes. Washburn Center’s therapists are trained in evidence-based practices for children’s mental health to ensure our clients receive high quality care.



Charity Fair

May 15th

1:00 - 3:00pm

Atrium of the Building


Plan to stop down to our charity fair to meet the charities. 

You can learn about their important work, their programs & services as well as any volunteer needs they have.


We will have a raffle drawing for those of you who visit each nonprofit at the fair.


Popcorn will be served!


Volunteer Event

May 15th


Atrium of the Building


We will have a speed volunteering event during the charity fair. 


We will make making individual hygiene kits to distribute to individuals who are homeless or living in poverty.



Fundraising Activities

Casual for a Cause

Every day in May

$3 per day

See Lonnie at our reception desk to buy a ticket.  Each $3 ticket is good for one day to wear one or all of the following:

  • sports jersey

  • sports hat

  • jeans or shorts

Chili Cook-off

May 5th

11:30am - 1:00pm



This will be brutally competitive as our amateur chefs cook up some chili for us!  Come hungry and ready for some good food!

$10 per bottomless tasting bowl

Silent Auction

Week of May 20th

M-F: 8am - 5pm



Each department will create a basket or two (see manager for budget) to auction off. 


A pizza lunch will be awarded to the department with the best basket.


Informational Webinars

De-escalating a Mental Health Crisis

May 2nd

6:00 pm


In this webinar we explore the neurobiology of upset and angry encounters to understand why most rational responses to a person in a crisis don’t work, and can actually make things worse. Drawing on decades of experience in mental health, this presentation takes the participant through nonverbal and verbal responses to calm the situation quickly and safely.

Mental Wellness: We All Need It

May 5th

6:00 pm


Taking care of our mental health is important for all of us. This webinar will share some tools and techniques that we can all do to talk care of our mental health.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

May 8th

6:00 pm


Mindfulness means focusing one’s attention on the present moment to calm the anxious brain and promote resiliency and wellness. This webinar explores some quick ways to do this in the workplace, especially in stressful situations. The presentation discusses some workplace and team related factors in building resilient employees. 

Real Talk about Suicide: Suicide Awareness

May 12th

6:00 pm


Suicide rates in the United States continue to climb. 
This webinar will share the statistics, discuss and dispel myths, discuss what to look for and how to help, and resources.

Trauma-Informed Care

May 17th

6:00 pm


 A trauma-informed workplace is one that is designed and run to reduce the risk of re-traumatizing workers and clients who have lived experiences of trauma. This webinar explores some practical ways that companies and organizations seek to do this. In particular, the presentation class focuses on the explicit and implicit messages that employees and clients receive from the company environment.

Understanding the Impact of Trauma

May 27th

6:00 pm


 Traumatic experiences can change people’s brain and health development and the building and maintaining of relationships inside and outside of work. This webinar defines and discusses trauma and these impacts in the context of recent research on the topic. Employers who understand how trauma affects a person are better able to build workplaces to fit the unique needs of affected employees. 


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