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August Webinar Series
Supporting Families in Need

Presenting Nonprofits

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Ampersand Families

Ampersand Families provides permanency and adoption services to older youth and families who face barriers to equity in child welfare, and champions systemic changes that advance belonging, dignity and hope.

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Gifts for Seniors

Gifts for Seniors provides gift resources and life-affirming personal contact for isolated older adults. With the critical support of donors, volunteers, and community partnerships, we support over 7,000 seniors.

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Second Stork

Second Stork helps new parents in need by providing immediate access to the essential care items required to keep their newborn safe and healthy. Partnering with over 100 hospitals, Second Stork gives babies a safe and healthy start by supplying diapers, wet wipes, newborn clothing, receiving blankets, and playards with bassinet attachments.

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Each year Tubman helps about 20,000 people who have experienced relationship violence, exploitation, homelessness, addiction, mental health challenges and other forms of trauma. In addition to being Minnesota’s largest provider of domestic violence shelter beds, we also offer transitional housing, legal services, mental and chemical health counseling and treatment, youth outreach, in-school violence prevention education, community education and more.

Events this Month

Informational Webinar: The Child Welfare System of the Future - Supporting Child & Family Wellbeing

August 4th


Central Time

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Participants will have an opportunity to gain a basic understanding of how the child welfare system currently works, and about innovations and practices that are helping keep children and youth connected to relatives, kin, community and culture even as their parents struggle. The child welfare system is fraught with racial disparities, and all over the country efforts are underway to transform it into a system that focuses on family and child wellbeing. This is a good session for folks who are curious about how the system works.

Informational Webinar: “Families in Crisis: Safe Sleep and Other Basic Needs for Newborns”

August 11th


Central Time

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When a family is in crisis at the same time they deliver a newborn, life can feel pretty stressful. What happens when they have no funds, but also no support of family, a community or others to give them the essential items needed to keep their baby safe and healthy? What are those items? And what is “safe sleep” for any newborn, even when a family is financially sound? And why is it so critical to give these families information and safe sleep options?

Informational Webinar: Violence and Trauma - The Impact on Families

August 18th


Central Time

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Over the past year, families experiencing violence have faced the pandemic from a place of increased isolation, danger and barriers to seeking help. During Violence and Trauma - The Impact on Families you’ll hear about types of relationship abuse, why someone would stay in an unhealthy relationship, how trauma affects the whole family and the heightened challenges to finding safety. We will also touch on helpful tips on how to offer support to someone experiencing violence and access resources.

Informational Webinar: Our Aging Population & the Loneliness Epidemic

August 25th


Central Time

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Over the past year, we all isolated due to the deadly COVID-19 virus. Sadly, many older adults have had plenty of practice with social isolation well before the pandemic. Loneliness is a key risk factor for physical and mental decline as we age. Living alone with little external stimulation can be deadly. Devastatingly, loneliness is also associated with a 40% increased risk of dementia. The loss of connection to community and loved ones is a daily challenge for many of our senior friends in the community. Please join us for a presentation highlighting the significant demographic shift, examples of why so many are struggling, and tips for supporting your own older adult family members and neighbors.


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