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Animal Welfare Campaign 

Suggested Months for this Campaign:

  • February: Spay & Neuter Awareness Month

  • April: Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

  • May: National Pet Month

  • October: National Animal Safety & Protection Month


October is National Animal Safety

and Protection Month


The mission of Animal Folks is to protect animals and prevent animal cruelty by creating a modern system of animal law enforcement in Minnesota. Core to this mission is system reform — working with authorities to provide sustainable changes that enhance how animal anti-cruelty laws are enforced. Programs include extensive research on animal cruelty; filing civil and cruelty complaints; development of policies and training on animal law; legislative action; and outreach and education.



MN SNAP's mission is to end the suffering and death of Minnesota cats and dogs due to overpopulation by providing both high-quality, affordable and accessible spay and neuter services to those in need, and animal welfare education in the communities we serve. Our mission is accomplished via a mobile surgery clinic that travels throughout the state and a stationary clinic located in North Minneapolis. Services are provided to low-income families, 501(c)(3) rescue partners and shelters.

Secondhand Hounds is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue. Founded in July of 2009, our 1,500+ foster homes, 3,000 dedicated volunteers, and staff members have made a positive impact on the lives of many animals in our community. Our organization provides safe foster homes, proper veterinary care and daily necessities for our dogs and cats, while working hard to find each a permanent, loving home! To date we have rescued over 16,000 animals!



Charity Fair


1:00 - 3:00pm

Atrium of the Building


Plan to stop down to our charity fair to meet the charities. 

You can learn about their important work, their programs & services as well as any volunteer needs they have.


We will have a raffle drawing for those of you who visit each nonprofit at the fair.


Popcorn will be served!


Volunteer Event

October 15th


Atrium of the Building


We will have a speed volunteering event during the charity fair. 


We will be packing dog and cat food from large bags into smaller bags for animals being fostered and hoping to get adopted out.  



Fundraising Activities

Casual for a Cause

Every day in October

$3 per day

See Lonnie at our reception desk to buy a ticket.  Each $3 ticket is good for one day to wear one or all of the following:

  • sports jersey

  • sports hat

  • jeans or shorts

Silent Auction

Week of October 20th

M-F: 8am - 5pm



Each department will create a basket or two (see manager for budget) to auction off. 


A pizza lunch will be awarded to the department with the best basket.

Chili Cook-off

October 5th

11:30am - 1:00pm



This will be brutally competitive as our amateur chefs cook up some chili for us!  Come hungry and ready for some good food!

$10 per bottomless tasting bowl


Informational Webinars

Are Companion Animals Livestock?

October 2nd

6:00 pm


Over the last ten years, society has changed to recognize companion animals as family members. The U.S. pet industry was estimated to be over $70 billion in 2018. Is our government and are our laws keeping up with this shift? Animal Folks has worked with state legislators to introduce a bill to reflect how people see and treat animals today.

Keeping People and Pets Together

October 5th

6:00 pm


How MN SNAP keeps people and their pets together through affordable and accessible veterinary care

The Link Between Animal Abuse and Human Abuse

October 8th

6:00 pm


Violence against animals is known as a predictor and indicator of other crimes. Many first responders don’t have the knowledge or tools needed to identity this link when they arrive on the scene. Animal Folks conducts extensive research on animal cruelty and uses this data to develop policies, procedures, and training for law enforcement to investigate crimes against animals.

Veterinarians are Reporters of Animal Cruelty and They May Not Know it

February 12th

6:00 pm


What is the role of veterinarians when it comes to animal cruelty? In Minnesota, veterinarians are mandated reporters of animal cruelty but they may not recognize the signs of abuse. Veterinarians play a critical role in the enforcement of animal anti-cruelty laws. Animal Folks trains veterinarians to look for “red flags,” collect evidence, and report animal cruelty.


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