Today, 3/4 of Millennials would take a pay cut to work for a socially responsible company, yet 67% of them say being loyal to their employer is important.  So, if they are willing to leave but want to be loyal, the answer for employers is that they MUST have a strong social impact plan and more importantly, can successfully market their strategy when recruiting for top talent.

On another note, the importance of diversity is more prevalent now because our emerging workforce grew up interacting globally via social media.  Research continually shows how a solid diversity and inclusion (D&I) program can attract more talent as well as initiate innovation and increase the bottom line. 


Impact at Work assists Minnesota companies by crafting a custom philanthropy program while supporting D&I initiatives.  Our programs not only support a wide variety of causes, they also support affinity (employee resource) groups by offering support of minority-focused charities in our community.


Contact us today to learn how we can improve your impact (at work).

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